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This Week at Chester Presbyterian Church - 09262017 
Peace and Joy to you! 
Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen led expeditions that were first to discover the magnetic meridian of the North Pole and to discover the South Pole.  On one of his trips he took a homing pigeon with him.  When he had finally reached the top of the world, he opened the bird’s cage and set it free. 
Imagine the delight of Amundsen’s wife, back in Norway, when she looked up from the doorway of her home and saw the pigeon circling in the sky above.  No doubt she exclaimed, “He’s alive! My husband is still alive!” 
So too, following Jesus’ ascension.  He was gone, but the disciples clung to his promise to send then the Holy Spirit.  At Pentecost then, the presence of the Holy Spirit affirmed their fervent hope; Jesus remained with them through the Spirit.  From that moment on, the Spirit has remained to teach followers of Jesus everything and remind followers of all that Jesus said.  That there is such a guide for life, for our actions and choices, is to be celebrated. 
Our word for this week is “Spirit.”  Contribute to the Wordwall by responding to the question “How has the Spirit worked in your life?”  And join us in worship Sunday as we study Spirit in John 14:15-31. 
Shalom, Gordon