A Cup of Cool Water

Submitted by Linn on Mon, 03/18/2019 - 12:54

Grace & Peace to You!


One of the ancient traditions of the Lenten season is to engage in a daily practice to enhance our faith journey. The story of Jesus and the unnamed woman at the well, (John 4:1-42) offers us a rich image for such a practice. Day after day, each scorching noontime, the woman repeated her trek, bringing her empty vessel to the well. One day, empty vessel in hand, she encountered Jesus.


If we, daily, bring our empty vessel to Jesus, even when we feel uninspired, or the well seems empty or the journey is boring, if we walk with an openness to what might be waiting for us, in that rhythm and routine of daily practice, we may find ourselves flooded with the grace and love of God that is deeper than any well we could ever dig…or dig ourselves out of.


Poet Jan Richardson offers a moving insight for our reflection on this passage on her poem, “Blessing of the Well.”


If you stand

at the edge

of this blessing

and call down

Into it,

you will hear

your words

return to you.


If you lean in

and listen close,

you will hear

this blessing

give the story

of your life

back to you.


Quiet your voice

quiet your judgment

quiet the way

you always tell

your story

to yourself.


Quiet all these

and you will hear

the whole of it

and the hollows of it;

the spaces

in the telling,

the gaps

where you hesitate

to go.


Sit at the rim

of this blessing.

Press your ear

to its lip,

its sides,

its curves

that were carved out

long ago

by those whose thirst

drove them deep,

those who dug

into the layers

with only their hands

and hope.


Rest yourself

beside this blessing

and you will

begin to hear

the sound of water

entering the gaps.


Still yourself

and you will feel it

rising up within you,

filling every hollow,

springing forth



As your journey through Lent continues, may each day offer you a moment and a place to fill your vessel with God’s grace in the Beloved.